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Mazon Elephant Park & Lodge Tour

 Mason Elephant Park Ubud is the best family tourist attraction in Bali that offers a variety of interesting attractions, especially the exciting adventure of riding an elephant.

 Mason Elephant Park Bali, Enjoy Exciting Travel Experiences Riding ElephantsMason Elephant Park Bali, Enjoy Exciting Travel Experiences Riding Elephants

 Mason Elephant Park Ubud is the best family tourist attraction in Bali that offers a variety of interesting attractions, especially the exciting adventure of riding an elephant.

 Mason Elephant Park is an elephant-themed park.  This park can be said to be the same as other Elephant Safari Parks in Bali, where visitors will find various species of elephants, especially elephant species from Sumatra.

 This elephant park was inaugurated by the Minister of Tourism in 2000 in Gianyar Regency.  One of the elephant species that you can find is the Sumatran elephant.  Actually, this park was opened three years before the inauguration.

 Mason Elephant Safari Park has been named a member of the World Zoo Association.  This is motivated because this elephant park has met international standards on animal conservation.

 This tourist destination is very crowded with tourists.  Both local and foreign tourists.  This elephant park has its own charm that makes many tourists who come for vacation.

 1. Nature and Elephant Theme Park

 One of the attractions of Mason Park is that it is a tourist park that has a nature and elephant theme.  You will be invited to travel in the wild with one of the icons of Mason Park, namely the elephant.

 The elephants that you can find in Mason Park are of the Sumatran elephant species.  However, there are many other elephant species that also enliven this Mason park.

 2. Elephant World Learning Center

 In the Park Museum there is also a center for learning about the world of elephants.  In this case you can learn about the world of elephants.  Starting from the species, to how to preserve the animals that fall into this endangered category.

 3. Elephant Show

 Mason Elephant Park Attractions

 Photo by Instgaram Elif Burkut

 In addition to education, there is also an elephant show here.  This is intended to entertain the tourists who attend, especially for tourists who come with their children.  The elephant show itself is carried out with a specific schedule that has been determined.

Address & Route to Mason Elephant Safari Park Lokasi

 Location of Mason Elephant Safari Park

 This tourist location is located in the northern part of Ubud.  The exact location is in Tegallalang Village, Gianyar.  Mason Park is open to the public from 8 am to 6 pm.  To get to Mason Park, there are several routes or paths that you can take.

 If you are in Denpasar City, Bali, then the location from Mason Park is not far.  You only need to take about an hour drive.

 For those of you who come from outside the city or outside the island, you can use a complete car rental service and driver or you can also use a taxi to get to this tourist destination.

Mason Elephant Safari Park Entrance Ticket Prices:

 The price of admission to Mason Park tours does seem more expensive when compared to other tourist attractions.  The entrance ticket price set by Mason Park is in the range of 400 thousand rupiah to 600 thousand rupiah per tour package offered.

 With the price of the entrance ticket, visitors can get a tour package according to their wishes and budget.  You can also tour Mason Park to your heart's content while watching the elephants with all their activities.  The ticket price also includes all the facilities provided.

 Ticket prices for children under 3 years range from 145 thousand rupiah to 155 thousand rupiah.  For children aged 5 to 12 years, tickets are charged with different prices, which are around 360 thousand rupiah to 390 thousand rupiah per child.  As for adults, the ticket price reaches 530 thousand rupiah to 580 thousand rupiah.

Interesting Activities to Do at Mason Elephant Park:

 In addition to enjoying all the natural beauty that exists in this tourist spot, you can also take the time to do various interesting activities at this elephant park with your family.

 1. Take a History Tour at the Park Museum

 An interesting activity that you can do here is to take a historical tour at the Park Museum. Here you will see a replica of the most complete mammoth skeleton in the world. Not only that, you will also be invited to learn about elephants at the elephant world learning center.

 2. Interact Directly with Elephants

 In addition to having an educational tour in the form of an elephant history museum, you can also interact with elephants directly. Starting from taking pictures with elephants, riding elephants, feeding elephants, to participating in bathing elephants.

 However, you don't have to worry about safety when you interact directly with the elephants in Mason Park, because the elephants here are trained and are also used to the presence of humans around them.

 3. Tour the Taro Forest with Elephants

 One of the interesting activities that you can do when visiting Mason Elephant Safaro Park Bali is that you can go around the Taro Forest by riding an elephant. Here you will enjoy the beauty of the Taro Forest which is still very beautiful and natural.

 In addition to doing exciting things with elephants, you can also while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the Taro Forest which is very stunning. For those of you who are directly interacting with elephants for the first time, there is no need to worry. Because all the elephants in Mason Elephant Safari Park Bali have been trained and are used to the presence of humans around them.

 4. Eat Buffet by the Lake

 After getting tired of interacting with elephants and walking around Mason Park, you can enjoy a buffet meal at several available restaurants. This restaurant is deliberately built on the shores of the lake. The goal is that visitors can enjoy a meal while watching the activities of the elephants bathing.

 5. Play Water at Mason Lake

 The elephant show can be continued by watching the elephants being bathed in Mason Lake. Here, pre-visitors can also interact directly by bathing the elephants using the brush provided.

Facilities Available at Mason Elephant Safari Park:

 The facilities provided by the management of Mason Park are quite complete. Starting from toilets, prayer rooms, restaurants, elephant shows, to hotels for resting and staying.

 1. Elephant Show

 If you visit this tourist spot, the main facility that you will encounter is of course an elephant show. The elephants in the show are, of course, well-trained and tame. Various attractive will be displayed by the elephants here.

 The elephants are trained to be smart in doing various things, from playing ball to painting. The elephants here are also very good at following all orders given by the keeper. The elephant show is held in a special place such as the stands at a football game.

 If you want to see this elephant show, you must first know the schedule of the show. Because not every time the show is done.

 2. Where to Stay

 The next facility provided by the management of Mason Elephant Park is lodging. Here has provided a lodge in the area of ​​this tourist location. Visitors can rent this inn.

 This boutique hotel provides 27 rooms with unique offerings for each cottage. Where you will use elephants as a means of transportation around the inn or travel to the forest.

 3. Restaurant

 The next facility is a restaurant provided by the manager along the shores of the lake where the elephants used to play in the water and be bathed. Here, visitors can enjoy food while watching the elephants move.

 Tourists can choose various menus that have been provided by the restaurant. The prices offered are also quite varied, adjusted to the menu choices you choose.

 That's about nature and elephant-themed tourist attractions that you can feel if you are on vacation to Mason Elephant Safari Park Bali. Starting from the attraction, the facilities offered, to the interesting activities that can be done in this Manson Park. Judging from the reviews above, this tourist destination is indeed very interesting for you to visit.

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